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Here at the Ramsbottom Soap Co we love children's parties and work shops.  As a mum and dad of two little girls we know just how much kids love to get creative and start making.  It was from our little girls friends coming home from School and getting a tour of the workshop that our idea of bath bomb making workshops for children grew.  The friends that came to visit the workshop with the girls would always ask to have a try at making the bath bombs.  We often had a range of materials at home for an inpromtu making session!  When our little girl turned 6 we decided to have a bath bomb party for her friends and invited along her class mates, well it went down an absolute storm, the children and their mums/dads all loved the making process - there were some very clean children in Ramsbottom that weekend!

We were soon asked to do another party for a friend's child and then it grew and grew and so now we offer our parties via our online shop.  Simply reserve your preferred date via our online shop here  Add the party deposit to your basket and then in the special instructions tell us your preferred date, we will check availability for you and confirm the booking within 24 hours.

At the party the children will each be given safety wear, their own bowl and ingredients and we then guide them through the process of making the bath bombs, each child mixes their own bath bombs with our supervision.  They can select their own colour and fragrance combination so each child potentially goes home with a product unique to them.  The beauty of taking the products home straight from the party is that each child leaves with a number of bath bombs that they have made and so there is not the need for party bags as each is taking their own handmade gift.  They are always so proud of what they have made and can't wait to show them to their parents... although very often any mums and dads staying behind can't resist joining in!

In terms of age the parties are geared towards the age group that you are bringing (although we know that the age group can vary within one party with older/younger family members etc joining in).  We broadly recommend from 4 years through to teenagers.  With teenagers we have them weigh out all of their own ingredients and so they can have a more involved session than younger children who are far more excited about fizz.

If you would like to talk to us about having a party or have any questions please contact us on 01706 827 825, email us at [email protected] or use our contact us page.

Here are some of our recent feedbacks from happy mums!

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  1. Julie

    Hello, I'd like some information about your kids parties please for my son who is due to be 5 years old in March. Thanks very much, Julie

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