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We are introducing gift sets to our shop and we want to have some of them reviewed, our new sets will be themed with products from our most popular fragrance lines, we are asking for bloggers or anyone who loves to review products to get in touch with us.  If you would be interested in receiving a gift set in return for a review please get in touch with us, we would love to send you some freebies.

We have a page dedicated to this which we have popped online today, if you are interested please complete your details and get in touch we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Cherry

    Hello I would love to do a review for your products on my YouTube channel I have 3000+ subscribers and they will love your products. Hoping for a reply Regards Cherry

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  2. Alyssa carter

    Hello,my name is Alyssa Carter I am 17. I am a beauty/lifestyle youtuber. Since I am a teen youtuber I can appeal to a young audience and bath products are all the latest buzz. I give honest opinions and I'd love to feature some of your products in a video. Aswell as promote your company. I would absolutely love to get this oppurtinity to not only try new products but help spread the word. Feel free to contact me for further information. Thank you so much. Godbless!

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  3. kim

    Hello! I'm very interested in reviewing your products. I'm a new blogger and would love the opportunity, as my page grows more people will see it. I'm in the US if you ship here. My instagram name is: absolut_ makeup. I also sent you guys a DM

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  4. Sarah

    Hi, I would be really interested in reviewing some of your products, I'm currently adding some of your recent range to my basket! My page is dedicated to all things baths related and I am always looking out for little bath and bathbomb companies to try. I have reviewed a few other smaller companies on my IG. I always aim to get at least 1-2 videos and 4 to 5 pictures of each bathbomb I have used. If you're interested in working with me my insta page is @bombzgirl Thanks Sarah

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  5. Brogan

    Hi there, I came across your page on Instagram - my username is Ultravioletlush - I would be really interested in reviewing some of your products. I already post reviews of Lush products regularly, however I'm always on the look out for soaps and products from other companies too.

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  6. Tasha

    Hiya. You contacted me via Instagram, I'm I would be delighted to review your products. I am always on the lookout for sweet, independant companies that sell beautiful products. and well you found me! this is such a generous offer, and i would love to review some of your beautiful products! thank you xxxx

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  7. Whitney

    If there's two things I love it's baths and reviewing. I would love to review your products x

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  8. Kirsty

    Hi I saw your page on Instagram and then have visited your website. I can see your looking for bloggers and would be very interested in reviewing some products. I always buy lush cosmeticsbut I'm always looking out for alternative products to buy and from small businesses Thanks Kirsty

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  9. Danielle

    Hi I am a approved blogger and would love to review your items I love baths and I have only ever used lush as soon as the baby is asleep a bath is the first thing I do and of course take loads of pictures of my lovely bath for Instagram, so would love to try out something different and I think I could really help promote your company in getting more sales. I am also doing a charity event making up packages for people with long term chronic conditions who spent a lot of time in hospital which is a big thing for me since at the age of 25 I have had 5 heart operations and if your company would love to help me out with a few small items to add into the pack which I am also doing a blog post on the companies who have helped out, my heart story has been in magazines such as chat and local newspapers and I am hoping my charity package giveaway will also be featured in the media please feel free to email me and get in touch if you would like any more information. I look forward to hearing from you Danielle

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  10. Hannah Kidd

    My blog is here: I live in Ramsbottom and am coming to your Bathbomb making course on the 20th Feb. I'd love to review the course and the products together! Can't wait to make my own fizzies ??

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  11. Emily Crompton

    I would love to give a review for you! You have some lovely products on your website and some beautifully designed soaps. Kind Regards Emily

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  12. lisa hepke

    I would love to review your products I used to use lush products but prefer to go local if possible. Fingers crossed

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  13. Michelle Nolan

    I'd love to join in! Especially with the fabulous products you make.....please!!!!!!

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