New Products... our new Glitter bath bombs and citronella range...

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We have some gorgeous new products that we have just launched.  First up are our new Glamour range of bath bombs, we have amazing fine fragrance inspired scents along with the most beautiful shimmering glitters.  The bombs are live on the website and we have fragrances with similar notes to and inspired by the perfumes; Angel, Alien, Lady Million, CK Shock, Jimmy Choo, and Chanel number 5.  My personal favourite has to be the Millionaire (similar notes to Lady Millions) it is AMAZING!  We have it in two options, subtle shimmer or FULL ON glitter - it is gorgeous!  The bombs are live on the website, go take a peek they are stunning, you will find them here

millionaire bomb


Also for summer we have a new addition to our essential oils range... the citronella, available as both a soap and a bath bomb this refreshing, zesty fragrance is gorgeous and it is fantastic for deterring those pesky bugs!  This is a must have for your holiday packing!  Find the Soap here


citronella soap


We hope you like the newbies, watch out for freebies in your parcels, we will be popping some samples if for you to try, but they are all available to buy online now!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone,


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  1. luckyleafbathbombs

    Lucky Leaf Bath Bombs Handmade Bath Bombs, Character Bath Bomb, Soaps, Body Butters, Shower Whips, Hair and Face Masks, Home Fragrance and candles.

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  2. Joanne L Haley

    Brilliant,I have just come across this website which is a going to be a go to place for my bath bombs and soaps and lots of other items I am looking for. Looking forward to ordering and getting some free samples, if poss,to try out

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  3. Bev clark

    I agree... only colour is murky green in those colourful tornados and tutti fruitti .. smell ok but disappointing as fizz to only green !! Customers are unhappy.. won't buy again. Good correspondence from terri but sadly they can't admit their colourful bathbombs are poor ?

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  4. Isobelle Skillin

    wow! these products are fantastic Xx the soaps are highly fragrance and don't leave a soapy residue, the bath bombs are very fragrance and have an amazing fizz! the only downside that personally don't mind about is that once the bath bomb had dispersed the colour can be slightly "yucky" for me i don't really mind this but some people may Xx but over all I LOVE these products!

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