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Last week we asked if you would be interested in knowing more about how we are doing our bit to try to help the environment with recycling, reusing and reducing.  We will be doing a series of blogs explaining what we are doing and today's first one covers our electricity consumption.


We would love in an ideal world to be able to use our own electric supply whether via solar or wind, without having our own purpose built unit that isn't possible and so we wanted to souce the most responsible supplier that we could find.  In our last unit the Landlord provided the electricity and this wasn't something that we had any control over and so when we moved here in April 2018 one of the first things that we did was review our electric supplier.


We chose a company who source renewabe energy.  The company we chose sourced from April 2018 to March 2018 100% renewable energy and had certification for the same.  That meant that they prevented 1,019,426 tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere equivelent to planting 509 million trees.  The energy is purchased from UK or EU renewable generators.  Using reports from the forestry commussion the company calculated the amount of carbon dioxide locked in by one tree per year.


We also work to reduce the amount of energy we use by buying energy saving appliances, by using natural day light where possible, reducing heating and being mindful of switching off lights when areas of the building are not in use.


We think that everyone, us included can do more but we are trying to do what we can, we cannot operate without using electricity but in using the best environmental option available hopefully we are reducing some of our impact against not choosing an electric supplier with the same ethics and supply chain.


We will post blogs over the next few weeks on other thins that we are also doing to help recycle, reuse and reduce.


Terri x

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