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It's a gorgeous day here in Ramsbottom and I would love to say that I am creating soap... however it's a website day here today!

We are trying really hard to get our website completed and ready to launch but it is no easy task... give me a soap to create any day!

More coffee than you can imagine has been consumed here this week as we fight our way through metatags, keywords and goodness knows what else in our pledge to try and get our lovely bath and body products online!  What appears simple at the start is turning into quite a task!

Soon we will need a break from the screen and have plans this afternoon to make one of our favourite soaps, Oh So Rosy... we are playing with a re-design this afternoon so it's not just websites that we are creating but new soaps too!  This time we are trying to re-design what is one of our most popular fragrances with a new look... fingers crossed when the website is launched you will see the new design too.

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