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  1. Good morning lovely peeps

    It's a chilly old day here in Ramsbottom, I should be busy in the workshop but with my littlest home from school poorly its a day at home snuggled up for her and a day on the laptop for me.  Whilst I had plans of making soapy bakery cakes today, sometimes when our plans go astray it can actually work in our favour... we have had plans in the pipeline for quite some time to have some themed gift boxes on the website and at our markets, we just haven't had the time to actually put them together and get them photographed etc, so sometimes when you have a day go a little bit wrong it can work out well... this morning I have got our new tags and stickers ordered and am just deliberating through some different boxes... I can't wait to show you them!

    My plan is that we will have 10 freebie boxes up for grabs to give away to those who have really active facebook pages or groups, a blog or instagram account... if you would like to review one of the boxes for us please drop me a line at [email protected] I would love to hear from you!

    We also have some children's workshops coming up in the February half term, again we  would love someone to review them for us so if you are a mum or dad blogger please get in touch!

    Right no more procrastinating!  Back to the grindstone - boxes to order!


    T x

  2. Our beginners bathbomb making course is aimed at adults who wish to learn how to make bathbombs.  No previous experience is needed for this course as we talk through the making process from ingredients through to making a finished product.

    The course covers:

    • Ingredients
    • Percentages of ingredients
    • Colouring
    • Fragrancing
    • Mixing of the Ingredients
    • Moulding the Bathbomb
    • De-moulding the Bathbomb
    • Q and A

    The course attendee will receive their products that they have made, and a handy how to guide to take away with them.  There will also be ingredients available to purchase at wholesale costs for those who wish to take ingredients home to continue working with.

    During the Course you will make bathbombs with your chosen fragrance and colour.

    The course lasts approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours.